Bio-analysis and Quality Control I

The UBACC assumes the development of specific analytical projects and fine-tuning of new analytical methods in different fields such as pharmaceuticals, natural products, food and food additives, organic pollutants, cosmetics, organic materials, etc. It is also in charge of the analytical support for the structural determination and the purity and quality control of the products generated in the PPQF and UBIOTEC. The most representative activities carried out in the last 25 years are detailed below:

  • Analysis of drugs, impurities, degradation products and metabolites in raw materials, medicines and biological samples.
  • Development and validation of new analytical methods.
  • Drug stability studies in raw materials and medicines.
  • Drug polymorphism studies.
  • Isolation and identification of trace components, impurities, degradation products and metabolites of different nature.
  • Isolation, purification and identification of bioactive components in natural extracts.
  • Determination of metals in samples of different origin.
  • Physical-chemical analysis for quality control and research with the different techniques availables.
  • Screening of compounds with high resolution (HR), UPLC-Orbitrap.
  • Metabolomic studies in different matrices.
  • Pharmacokinetic studies.