Organic Synthesis



Organic synthesis projects including different scale-up compound (from mg to Kg), incorporating Green technologies and procedures in synthetic routes are carried out at The Fine Chemical Pilot Plant (PPQF). The most representative activities carried out over the last 10 years are the following.

  • Design and research of new compounds of therapeutic interest..
  • Improved procedures for the synthesis of Generic Drugs..
  • Synthesis of preclinical pilot batches for drugs in development (1-50 Kg).
  • Multigram synthesis of organic reagents.
  • Synthesis of non commercial organic products and intermediates.
  • Identification and synthesis of impurities in drugs. 
  • Synthesis of polymeric materials. 
  • Synthesis of organometallic compounds.
  • Total Synthesis of bioactive  natural products.
  • Preparation of Drug Master File.