Employment Security


In order to reach the highest standards of security and health among employees, the Management of the PPQF establishes the following principles:

  • To improve continuously the processes of working conditions, to ensure that no task will be accomplished unless suitable security measures are followed and therefore to guarantee an adequate protection to employees.
  • To follow the applicable legal requirements as well as other requirements signed by the PPQF concerning occupational risk prevention.
  • Our employees and subcontracted staff will be notified of the occupational risk prevention programme and will be trained accordingly to follow the established policy.
  • To train and duly inform employees about the inherent risks at work, as well as the measures and means that needs to be adopted to prevent them.
  • To provide the employees with any piece of information required dealing with occupational risk prevention issues, regardless who requires such information, and therefore make public our commitment to accomplish any necessary reforms through the present policy.
  • To promote and establish the necessary means to report deficiencies and/or to analyze any suggestions of improvement and apply necessary measures to amend deficiencies, when needed.

In order to comply with the objectives established, the Management of the PPQF assumes the responsibility to undertake self-controls, and to implement an Environmental Management System based on the regulation UNE-EN-ISO 14001.

The principles of this environmental policy will be used as a reference in regular revisions, and for the establishment of new environmental goals.

The Management requires the collaboration of employees and staff in the CQAB to develop a responsible activity according to the principles herein mentioned.