Quality Policy


 ISO 9000

The Management of the CQAB is responsible and therefore assumes the commitment to establish a Quality Management System based on the regulation UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2000 and for GLP. according to the Directive 2004/10/CE, in order to reach the following objectives:

  • To meet with the Internal as well as with the external customers’ satisfaction.
  • To follow, as an essential, permanent and priority objective, an unprejudiced, independent, honest and technical attitude.
  • To meet users and clients assistance requirements and to follow and implement the necessary legal regulations, thus strengthening trust in our organization.
  • To fulfill an efficient management and control of the productive process.
  • To permanently improve processes, procedures, products and an effective Quality Management System.
  • To assign an effective productive process.
  • To raise the CQAB employees awareness and personal motivation on the importance of the implementation and development of a Quality Management System.
  • To provide at all times the required necessary material and technical means (equipment and facilities) as well as the necessary human resources for the effective development of every activity.
  • To offer and provide programmed and permanent professional training courses to the CQAB staff so that every member of the company may acquire the necessary qualifications to accomplish adequately their tasks.
  • To encourage good relationships among employees, since quality can only be achieved through communication, a meaningful participation and team work.


The Management delegates on the Responsible for Quality the task of implementing this policy and relays on him the power to act and the necessary means to ensure compliance with the requirements agreed on  in UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2000, directive 2004/10/CE, royal decree 1369/2000, and with those laid down in the Management Quality System.

The Management requires all the staff to carry out duties with responsibility by virtue of the provisions herein exhibited, and calls for their participation in the achievement of these goals.
To ensure its permanent legal adjustment, this policy will be examined at least once a year, moreover, it will be notified to all the staff and expected to be understandable by them so that it can be implemented adequately.
Besides it will be open upon request of interested party for all purposes.

This policy will be reviewed at least once a year to ensure its continued suitablity.

In addition, it is communicated to all company personnel and is understood and implemented thoroughout the organization.

This policy will be accesible to any interested party who requests it.