Biotechnology I


The Biotechnology Unit has extensive experience in the use of biological systems, in suspension and supported, fundamentally for the production of proteins and chemical reactions, as well as in water treatment. As representative activities in this area, the following can be mentioned:

  • Design and scaling of biotechnological processes related to health or the environment (soil, water and waste).
  • Obtaining and purifying proteins from recombinant microorganisms.
  • Enzymatic synthesis reactions to obtain products of pharmaceutical interest and materials.
  • Development of models that describe the interactions between substrate/microorganism/products.
  • Development of a methodology that allows characterizing the process, relating the evolution of the biomass, the characteristics of the reactor (agitated tank, airlift) and the operating conditions.
  • Extract components from different arrays.
  • Design of treatment processes for water contaminated with persistent organic matter (pesticides, PAH, detergents, etc.), in which ozone/hydrogen peroxide is used as an oxidizing system (AOP).